by Emma Shepard

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Demos between 2013-2016


released May 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Emma Shepard Cleveland, Ohio

small wood house / emma shepard / marsha white

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Track Name: Intro
object of my one desire
you are the flood and i the fire
keep me from getting what i want
if it's not what i need

the landlord's coming in the morning
to break your neck and take your money
why are you paying to live in ohio

i am not a fragile thing
please save me from who i've been
Track Name: Survival Song
i watch movies with my family
we take photos at the beach
when death wraps it's arms around us
we'll start again, it's all so sweet

honey, honey

i think i want to live forever
i think i want a new backyard

i am respected by my loved ones
though i am feared by all my peers
i raise my voice in conversation
and everybody listens

i live outside in the winter
because i flourish without walls
when we're starving or we're freezing
i will eat off my own arm
Track Name: High School Football All Star
you're 45 and you're wearing your letterman jacket
because it smells like the fields, like the halls
like the women in texas
when your wife goes to bed you turn on all your old vhs's
and then you find the one labeled prom in her old pink nail polish

you see everyone getting in cars in their suits and their dresses
and you can't remember the names of all the girls that you kissed
just that night

oh god damn those were the best four years of your whole life

now there's a couch in our front lawn
the sun burns my tattoo
i have his name where you have mine
in cursive it says i do

you have liquor on your breath
i got peaches on mine
i say remember when you thought we'd be rich
you guessed you think about it every night

now my man's at the casino
betting our whole life
on a chance to live just for one day
like you do every night
Track Name: Vultures
part of me wants to be swallowed
by a body of water or an animal
slowly, i will get devoured
you left nothing of me for the vultures

i'm feeling light on my feet
come downtown, it'd be sweet
i'd get you a drink
and we'll proceed to not speak

you feed off meat you kill from the weak
a rabbit with a bloody paw, a chicken with its head cut off
eventually, doesn't make a difference
the space between tends to grow in distance

i'm feeling light on my feet
come downtown, it'd be sweet
i'll get you a drink
and we'll proceed to not speak
Track Name: Money
amber like streetlight
amber like honey
i wish that money grew on trees
so i'd have time to get to know me

i feel so used up
next to your body
i know it's my fault that
you never loved me

the house i grew up in
is getting demolished
and they say it might be
ashes by christmas

silver like hammer
silver like snowfall
silver like shiny
shiny and happy